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Colorado Wool Company

Wool Wax Crème

Wool Wax Crème

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The BEST lotion you will ever use! Wool Wax Crème is a lanolin based, hard working crème. Lanolin is the “wax” excreted from sheep’s wool that keeps the sheep protected from extreme conditions.

Just a few ways our customers use Wool Wax Crème. . .
• Hand & Foot Crème
• Skin Irritations
• Athlete’s Foot
• Cracked Hands and Feet
• Diaper Rash-Baby/Adult
(We recommend Fragrance Free)
• Rough Elbows
• Rough Heels
• Relief from skin irritation from

• Relief from skin irritation from

Radiation Therapy
• Insect Bites
• Minor Burns
• Dry Diabetic Skin
• Scar Care
• Leather Softening Treatment

From their wool to your skin, it’s been nature’s skin care for centuries.

Made in Montana

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