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Colorado Wool Company

Men's Shoe/Boot Insoles, Alpaca Wool Fiber

Men's Shoe/Boot Insoles, Alpaca Wool Fiber

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Made entirely from renewable alpaca & sheep wool, these shoe/boot insoles are eco-friendly and offer superior warmth. The natural fibers wick moisture away from feet to keep them dry and odor free, while the cushiony material molds to your feet for ultimate comfort. Available in different sizes, these insoles can be trimmed to fit any type of shoe. Choose from medium, large, or extra large to find the perfect fit for your feet.

MEDIUM- fits up to a men's size 7
LARGE- fits up to a men's size 13
X-LARGE - fits up to a men's 15

Unlike socks, which should  be changed each day, these insoles can remain in your sneakers, boots or slippers indefinitely.  Perfect for everyday use year round or in specialty shoes/boots for hikers, hunters, skiers, or riding/barn boots.

These amazing insoles are made by our family in Villa Grove, Colorado. The alpaca and sheep's wool are only sourced from US farms! Please note, due to the fact that the colors of the fleece vary from batch to batch, the insoles may vary slightly in color as well.

CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS- to cut our insoles simply remove the current insole from your shoe, trace it with a marker, and cut on the lines.  Put the original insole back into your shoe and place your new insole on top of it.  If your shoe does not have a removeable insole you will place the new insole inside your shoe, then run your finger around the perimeter a few times.  Pull the insole back out and cut on the outside of the indentation you just created.  Put the insole back in your shoe and feel again.  Remember, you can always take more off but you cannot put it back on, so just cut small amounts at a time.  You want to be sure the insole fits securely in your shoe so it does not move when putting the shoes on and off.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS- handwash and lay flat to dry.

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