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Colorado Wool Company

All Natural Dryer Balls

All Natural Dryer Balls

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Set of Dryer Balls

Reduce drying time and eliminate static cling with All Natural Dryer Balls. Made from renewable resources in Colorado, these balls create air pockets around clothes for faster drying. Ditch chemical-filled dryer sheets and fabric softener, these dryer balls are durable and will last for years. Great for larger loads, use three for best results.

Our dryer balls are the best on the market!  They are 3.5 to 4 inches EACH and weigh over 3 ounces a piece.  The larger heavier balls do their job better than the smaller alternatives.  They are quieter than the plastic dryer balls or tennis balls and do not emit any harmful chemicals when heated in the dryer!

These incredible dryer balls are made by our family in Villa Grove, Colorado. The alpaca and sheep's wool are only sourced from US farms! Please note, due to the fact that the colors of the fleece vary from batch to batch, the balls may vary slightly in color as well.

REMEMBER to decrease your drying time when using our dryer balls so you save energy and do not create static by over drying your clothes!

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